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DONATION NEEDED!  ~Beaufort Water Search and Rescue is seeking the donation of a replacement for it's primary search and rescue vessel. An outboard powered, 22' to 24' walkaround cuddy cabin is desired. Since BWSAR is a recognized 501 3c organization, and the fact that the boat is to be retained and used for search and rescue operations, the donor is eligible for the full fair market value for tax purposes. (843)525-1756...leave message.

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Published in the Beaufort Gazette, 4/23/06
Search and rescue on the water...


Published in the Beaufort Gazette, 3/3/02

Marine Rescue Squadron Gets Non-Profit Status.

The Beaufort Marine Rescue Squadron recently acquired non-profit status, which will allow the organization to accept tax-deductible donations, according to Skipper Doyle Clifton. Clifton said the organization has been trying to get the status for years and finished the paperwork in the past few weeks. The squadron receives money from Beaufort County Council each year, but it doesn't cover the costs of operations, he said. Clifton said the squadron's number of missions has increased in recent years, and he hopes the new status will bring in more donations. Donations such as old boats might not be used by the squadron, Clifton said, but they can be sold to help pay the squadron's bills. Contributions can be accepted through a sponsor organization called Beaufort Water Search and Rescue

Published in the Beaufort Gazette, 4/17/06

Beaufort rescue squad tows in boat after it beings taking on water...

Published in the Beaufort Gazette, 6/1/06

Boat stuck near Trenchard's Inlet


Published in the Beaufort Gazette, 5/31/06

Water search and rescue team busy with Memorial Day boaters


Published in the Beaufort Gazette, 6/13/06

Boater Rescued Sunday




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